Whats happening?

Tuesday to Saturday
12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Dinner by reservations (minimum 8 people)

Private and cater events please contact us.

Cel: 415 151 0673


Tuesday to Saturday:
12 p.m. to 5 p.m. KITCHEN closes at 4:15.

Cel: 415 151 0673

We take cash only. We do not serve wine or beer, however feel free to bring your own.



  • Beautiful view and setting!
  • In Everybody is happy at De-Temporada!
  • Coconut Salad is too delicious!
  • Lettuce Rolls!
  • Panacota and berries!
  • And the famous Pork Belly!

De temporada is the dream of chef/owner James Walls and manager/owner Iliana Lanuza. We are a small team, because like our ingredients we want the best, so we can offer the best to you.

We are always looking for staff that are self-motivated and believe in good food. We also encourage our employees to keep healthy by improving food habits and physical activity.

Our ingredients are local. We strongly believe in the organic movement, nonetheless we do buy conventional when necessary. We like to keep food fresh, therefore sometimes we will run out of menu items. If you find that something is not on our menu, it is because the ingredients where not up to the standard you have come to expect from us, trust what is left on the menu; there is always a new adventure.

We strive to reduce waste by: composting, recycling, donating used cooking oil for biodiesel, re-using grey water, and by having compostable toilets. Our structure was built simple; with recycled wood pallets and screws!

We hope you enjoy eating with us, as much as we enjoy serving you!

If you have any suggestions, Please leave us a comment in our red book, on Facebook or on Tripadvisor. If there is anything that you will like to talk to us about, please approach us in person or by email at: